Sunday, 16 June 2013

Man of Steel - Zack Synder succeeds in living up to the expectations of his fans

Considering remake to be “old wine in a new bottle” concept, some minds might find its making to be an easy task. But we are quite familiar with what has happened to the remakes like “King Kong”, “The Incredible Hulk” and “Godzilla”. Sadly many remakes fail to please the viewers, ending up poorly at the box-office. Such flops have made people think that “Remakes always result in disappointment”.
However Christopher Nolan a writer, director and producer of THE DARK KNIGHT TRILOGY has proved to remove all such misconceptions by giving his fans 3 huge blockbusters. It is the reason why his new movie “Man of Steel”, a reboot of 1978 megahit “Superman”, is considered as one of the most anticipating movies of 2013. Watch Man of Steel Online to know whether the sequel is potent to be another smash hit or not.

Although director Zack Snyder’s last known projects “300”, “Watchmen” and “Sucker Punch” were disapproved by the audience, the involvement of Christopher Nolan not just as producer but as writer pairing with David S Goyer is compelling the majority of the viewers to run to the nearby theatres to watch the next expected blockbuster of 2013.
The movie focuses on a story of a boy who has been sent to Earth by his parents “Jor El” and “Lara” after the destruction of his home planet “Krypton”.  At very young age of 13, he gets aware of the truth that he possesses unusual powers and even comes to know about his true identity. He feels alienated and struggles here and there to find place of his own. But when the world is under stack by the mysterious alien named General Zod, he becomes the protector of the Earth and fights him. Download Man of Steel to discover how Superman finishes the evil utilizing his super powers.
The movie has released all over the world on 14th JUNE 2013 and has received mixed reviews. The comic book fans are not satisfied with the inadequate storyline and less developed character of Clark Kent. However strong action scenes and loud sound effects have been successful in attracting the vast number of audiences.
Keeping in mind the majority of reviews to be positive, the movie is a recommended one for all the viewers who are looking for action and adventure. So guys rush out to your nearest theaters and fly around the world with Man of Steel.

Monday, 10 June 2013

Man Of Steel: Superman’s modified subtle appearance

2013’s most anticipated movie Man Of Steel from the director Zack Snyder will display the Superman into a topnotch makeover that will bring a new charm to the popular DC Comics character.

The change has been made considering the last Superman Returns film which disappointed the box-office as well as the audience. The fans had waited for the project eagerly but they felt it to be boring and ineffective.

Although DC comics in 1992 tried to retire him by killing him but he was revived again the next year and in the later years he was tweaked, rebooted and modified to maintain the curiosity of the people. 

One of the authentic superheroes of his times, celebrating his 75th anniversary this year, has emerged as significant and iconic character. It was the utmost need to reform Superman in order to make him collaborate with the changing preferences of viewers; especially to avoid distancing him from his beloved fans.

Even to compete with the modern super hero characters, being introduced into the Hollywood world, Superman required kicking off his traditional and conventional appearance that would help him getting attached to the modern world audience who feel it hard to digest his red shorts over blue pajamas look.

Watch the latest Man Of Steel reboot to view how Superman series made huge efforts to fit Superman among the 21st century audience. Henry Cavill portraying the role of Superman will be viewed in the red cape and blue pajamas, excluding his common red briefs. Even the costume is redesigned using subtle colors which is also a welcomed change, giving soothing effect to the eyes.

Originally Superman was not so powerful but variations eventually made him super potent to fight villains and Man Of Steel exceptionally has a lot of adrenaline rushing action that will force people to applaud the attempt.

Man Of Steel Download to watch Superman on the journey to retrace his original birth planet where he comes across the Kryptonian super villain and battles him by providing a great entertainment to audience through its action and eye-candy visual effects.

However the release of the movie will only prove if the fans will accept the transformed Superman like the way his debut in Action Comics was excitedly received in 1938. Seriously it is an important question that will be answered whether the character has changed or it is the viewers whose perception has been modified.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

Man Of Steel: A Superman action thriller that promises surplus entertainment

Watch Man of SteelMan of Steel Download -Starring Henry Cavill, Amy Adams, Lois Lane, Kevin Costner, Laurence Fishburne, Michael Shannon, Diane Lane and Russell Crowe, Man Of Steel is the most anticipated 2013 summer movie which has all the elements to grace the box-office with its huge earnings.

The story of the movie is filmed upon the Superman character from DC comics. Unlike the last titles that included Superman in them, the latest flick is named Man Of Steel on Chris Nolan and David S. Goyer’s advice who wanted a reboot for the series that should act as a metaphor for the Superman comprising of steel body.

Watch Man Of Steel online to view the extraordinary cinematic work created by producer Christopher Nolan and director Zack Synder who are creative experts in their own genre. Blend of both the talents have raised the expectations of the critics and viewers who are curiously waiting for the release of the flick that promises a lot of action and adventure.

The movie trailers and interviews have further aroused the interest of the audience who wants to know the ways in which this series will utilize the unique powers of Superman to fight the evil. The use of visual effects and latest technology has helped to create the marvelous scenes that make one feel to be watching a reality. The film is available in 2D and 3D formats for the viewers along with the beautiful music from best composers that will certainly freshen up their mood.

The story of Man Of Steel revolves around a young boy who is sent to Earth from another planet. Coming across his powers and truth that relates him to another place than Earth, he starts a journey where he could know place of his birth and the reasons for which he got departed from his parents. Eventually he faces situations where he has to fight the bad to save the humanity from destruction. Download Man Of Steel to enjoy a roller coaster ride with Superman that offers a loads of entertainment through action.

The actor Cavill who is portraying the role of Superman wasn’t a very popular face before he signed Man Of Steel. He feels himself to be blessed and the release of the movie marks steep career opportunities for him. He recently bagged in a movie named The Man from U.N.C.L.E, a TV-to-movie adaption, after replacing Tom Cruise.

However the final fate of the film will be only judged after the fans of the Superman franchise will provide their outcome on the movie Man Of Steel that is going to hit the U.S. theatres on June 14, 2013.